Rhythm To Recovery (R2R), it’s a rhythm based interventions tailored to the specific needs of different population groups.


The approach is fully experiential, using rhythmic based exercises to address a wide range of underlying issues, with a particular focus on healthy relationships, social & emotional development & emotional regulation.  

Rhythmic and reflective activities are designed to engage participants, individuals and group, in a fun and friendly learning experience to support human development.

R2R applicable to : Corporate | Schools | Special Needs | Community | Family | Individual





R2R Workshop 2017, by Simon Faulkner

Photos by MYBeat, Organiser for the workshop 

R2R session with a group of teachers at a preschool 2017. 

Exercises: Communication, Values & Negativity vs Positivity, which these are core elements in R2R model. 

R2R session with a group of students at a preschool, age group 6. 

Exercises: Balance Me - to demonstrate the importance of balance between school and play.

On a specific beat from the drum, they change their stance.  

R2R session with a group of Special Needs Educators 

Exercises: Communication, Values, Social & Emotional Learning and Gratitude

R2R session at ECE Symposium 2018 at Dwi Emas International School, by DIKA College 

Exercise: Attention! 

VIDEO - Attention 1

VIDEO - Attention 1

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R2R Workshop in Kuching 2018 

Exercises: Communication, Social & Emotional Learning, Strength & Virtue, Gratitude 

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R2R Reviews from the participants 

  • …thank you for such an inspiring and interesting afternoon, even right to therapy at the end! We have benefited much in seeing how rhythms are such vital tools for the community and for ourselves!

It certainly is a very uplifting and engaging workshop and I must say the facilitators, Syuen and Kennedy were really excellent in engaging and ensuring it’s fun and they were able to answer all the varied questions so well. Thank you so much for connecting us!.

Dr Geraldine Law - President of Malaysian Society of Music & Medicine (MSMM) and Founder & Owner of IMH Kuching


  • ...the energy shared among the team members, freedom & beauty in expression, people need to release the stress built in and it can be fun.

…make us reflect on situations, team bonding, open communication, motivation. Stephanie Lam


  • …its an excellent to connect, destress people in Corporate world, a good way to express oneself. .Grace Teo.


  • …Gratitude & knowing your Strength & Weaknesses (affirmation) AND

great for everyone with all sorts of background, stress reliever, being able to express without words but by drums, make it more powerful. Laura C


  • …enriching, fulfilment, awesome, relaxing, chill, motivate, boost confidence level. Samuel Maoh


  • …Think of burnout & Bounce back (Managing adversity) AND give it a try and experience it yourself. Malcolm Wu