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Rhythm To Recovery (R2R), it’s a rhythm based interventions tailored to the specific needs of different population groups.


The approach is fully experiential, using rhythmic based exercises to address a wide range of underlying issues, with a particular focus on healthy relationships, social & emotional development & emotional regulation.  

Rhythmic and reflective activities are designed to engage participants, individuals and group, in a fun and friendly learning experience to support human development.

R2R applicable to : Corporate | Schools | Special Needs | Community | Family | Individual





R2R Workshop 2017, by Simon Faulkner

Photos by MYBeat, Organiser for the workshop 

R2R session with a group of teachers at a preschool 2017. 

Exercises: Communication, Values & Negativity vs Positivity, which these are core elements in R2R model. 

R2R session with a group of students at a preschool, age group 6. 

Exercises: Balance Me - to demonstrate the importance of balance between school and play.

On a specific beat from the drum, they change their stance.  

R2R session with a group of Special Needs Educators 

Exercises: Communication, Values, Social & Emotional Learning and Gratitude

R2R session at ECE Symposium 2018 at Dwi Emas International School, by DIKA College 

Exercise: Attention! 

VIDEO - Attention 1

VIDEO - Attention 1

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R2R Workshop in Kuching 2018 

Exercises: Communication, Social & Emotional Learning, Strength & Virtue, Gratitude 

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