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Capoeira Collective Malaysia is an academy dedicated to the study, practice and development of Capoeira, the Afro-Brazilian dance, fight, game. It's objective is the study of the art divested of the traditional and contemporary cultural assimilations which have obscured the art since May 13, 1888, when slavery was officially ended in Brazil with a law called Lei Áurea (Golden Law). Prior to this period, Capoeira had a completely different personification and practice. Much of the cultural assimilations are either irrelevant outside of the Brazilian cultural context or used to abuse the art itself, both in Brazil and especially abroad. It is our aim to study, practice, transform and be knowledge gatherers of this art form so that it can be practiced everywhere without prejudice and without the barriers of age, geography, nationality, ethnicity, religion or cultural heritage. Capoeira for all!


CC.MY s Kuala Lumpur's newest and friendliest Capoeira group and has the oldest class in the central business district (CBD) of Kuala Lumpur.


For information about classes, please contact Adjutande Capita at



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