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Adrenaline! is a brand that was created by Kennedy J Michael in 1997 with the late Dale Pike,Trompe-l'œil artist and designer extrodinaire. It was established as a private limited company on the 7th of March 2000 with Gracie Low and Marina Ann Abdullah. It became the foremost specialist services provider for festivals, events, entertainment and theater (F.E.S.T). Gracie Low and Marina Ann Abdullah have moved on to other ventures. Kennedy has since repositioned Adrenaline! to be a technical, creative and production services provider for the F.E.S.T industry.
Adrenaline! is focused solely on the provision of independent knowledge workers and specialist skilled workers from Malaysia and abroad, including world class and award winning talents. All other supplies are outsourced to a tested and trusted market place of service, equipment and goods providers while the creatives, planning and production is managed in house. This makes it possible for clients to choose their suppliers and service providers and leave it to Adrenaline! to either create or integrate, produce, manage and execute their productions to suit their budgets and preferences without having to worry about actually making things happen.
As a rule, Adrenaline! will not pitch for projects. We have proven ourselves since 2000 and have no time to waste on unproductive efforts. We've been there, done that, made the t-shirts and gave them away while others were still thinking out their designs or taking and giving kickbacks (true story). If you want it done, call us! If you need convincing, please take a look at our profile and if you want a recommendation, ask.
Please send us a request for our profile via email, stating your name, designation, contact details and company details.

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