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Business of Batucada (B.O.B)

An Afro Brazilian Approach to Corporate Team Building / Corporate Training Programme


Batucada is an Afro-Brazilian style of music that is performed exclusively with drums and percussions.

It is played by a Bateria (Band), music for the Samba Dancers in the famous Carnivale in Brazil.


Anyone who can count can play Batucada. 


B.O.B is a tool created to guide individuals and organizations

to use Samba & Afro-Brazilian rhythm as a tool for:

1. Communications | 2. Management

3. Organizational Process / Flow / Cohesion

4. Teamwork | 5. Timing | 6. Goal Setting



B.O.B requires no drumming or musical skills,

only your presence, awareness and

a simple practice of repetition.



If you are looking for fun, easy, a stress buster and a

totally unique experience of half day (4 hours)

team building / training programme, this is for you!



At the end of the training session, will be an outcome

performance by the participants and a rhythm board and

orchestral layout which participants will create

themselves and take away to be used to

constantly adapt, create or copy new rhythms

to apply to new situations as they arise.



You do not need any musical ability, knowledge or experience.

Anyone can participate.

Percussion instruments and drums will be provided for all participants.

      Photo Courtesy by John J Hagedorn, founder of MYBeat, who organised The Asian Rhythm Facilitators’ Conference.

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