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Expressive rhythm stories

Expressive Rhythm Stories (ERS) are a fantastic way to engage children and adults in rhythm making and Paul John Dear (founder and driving force behind Rhythmbridge) has used this format successfully over the years with Nursery, Reception and Year One school children and parents and with special needs groups.  Using both verbal and non verbal forms of communication, ERS Facilitator engages the group and encourages them to become expressive. Stories give them the freedom to become characters and to explore their creativity openly and in a fun way (


We are now able to offer Expressive Rhythm Stories Sessions

as part of our Rhythmic Engagement Programme for communities,

education settings and corporations.

Our principal, Kennedy Michael, graduated recently

from Rhythm Bridge ERS Programme created by

it's founder and world renowned ERS Icon, Paul John Dear.

  ERS Activities 2017 

   ERS & Rhythm Exploration with Entrainment at Center for Special Needs Education (CSNE) by MINDSPACE, Mont Kiara Mall





    ERS sessions at Kindicare Play & Preschool

    ERS demonstration at 3Q MRC Junior Taman Melawati 

Introduction of ERS to Special Needs Educators & Fitness Instructor for Special Needs

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