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About Fitogether

Fitogether was derived from the training practices of Kennedy and Syuen, who share the same passion and beliefs about fitness, health and wellness. They want everyone to be able to access fitness training  easily, do it easily and  empower themselves to do what they can within each person's capability. Fitogether offers FITNESS (physical activity) with Calisthenics and Fighting Fitness and WELLNESS (body-mind-soul)


Fitogether Fitness is a buddy training system. By understanding individual needs and challenges, Fitogether Fitness devises a variety of exercises using various fitness systems and training methods to help you meet your needs and overcome your challenges. 


This session offers fun, interactive, enhance creativity and therapeutic activity using percussion instruments and drums through HealthRHYTHMS Group Empowerment Drumming Programme (HR) and Rhythm To Recovery (R2R) programme.

(this is not about music or drumming performance but using these instruments as the tools for the activity).  

Why Fitogether Fitness?

Fitogether is a simple way to help you train at any level of fitness, from super unfit to super fit. It gives you the tools to develop fun and effective exercises within the time that you have so that you can get fit, be fit and stay fit.  By working/ training together you get the benefit of learning about your body, learning about the exercises you do and learning how to do the most suitable exercises to achieve optimum results. Your buddy, gives you the added benefit of motivating you, assisting you and supporting you when you attempt more challenging exercises and pushes you to go further.


A major part of Fitogether Fitness is derived from “Fighting Fitness" which is a system of training created by Kennedy Michael (Principal Trainer), to help him overcome limitations caused by two very serious medical conditions, which have rendered others severely physically impaired or completely unable to do even basic movements and exercises. He has used it to successfully go beyond those challenges and is now an experienced Capoeira & Fitness instructor.


Click here for Kennedy’s profile...                               Alone you may be able to do these








But together we can do so much more and have so much more fun!


Get Fit!Be Fit! Stay 


Come join us if you're tired of being a gym bunny and are going around in circles and getting nowhere with your fitness. Put the power back in your hands and get a helping hand while you're at it!


Please contact us for more information about Fitogether schedule and fees:   

Kennedy Michael : Mobile  : +60 12-322 2918 /

Syuen Toh : Mobile : +60 12 - 657 3739 /

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