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Stave House

Stave House Method

Teaching children to read, compose and play music 



Stave House, accredited and certified by the London College of Music Examinations (LCM), University of West London:


….Stave House is an early childhood music teaching programme created by Ruth Travers, UK Trainer and LCM Examiner.


The Stave House method teaches children to read, play and write music using a series of creative characters to engage children, through storytelling and nursery rhymes.


The characters used represent the musical notes, like Ferdie the fox for F.  


Composition is made easy using Rhythm Family, like father Crotchet for a single beat.



Children will have fun teaching each other & the teaching will equip children with the knowledge and tools that will last their lifetime.

Stave House Introduction:


For Educators/Teachers, why Stave House Method, visit the video and the link below:




Syuen is a certified Stave House Early Learning Teacher.  

If you wish to adopt Stave House Method for your preschool, music school and/or interested to

be a Stave House Trainer, please contact: 

Syuen Toh 

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