Who We Are?

We're a group registered under River Of Life - People Outreach Programme Phase 5 (ROLPOP5) which was instituted by the Department of Irrigation & Drainage Malaysia and Global Environment Centre. 

We meet every Sunday from 8.00 A.M. to 10.00 A.M. with volunteers from Trash Hero Malaysia, Global Environment Centre as well as sundry groups and individuals.


What We Do?

Clear as much trash from the bank of the Klang River so we can build a River Park.

Our missions is to enable River Three which is the building of a River Park, River Community and River Economy on the river bank under the pedestrian bridge leading from Mid Valley City to Apartment Abdullah Hukum. In order to do that we have to clear the area of all trash, level the ground, put in infrastructure and create a recreational park and community urban garden and farm from scratch. This will be our fifteenth consecutive week and so far we have cleared a total of 2000kgs of trash. We will provide gloves, tools and equipment.  Bring your own bottles and be part of the city's first volunteer built River Three Park!

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